Operational Excellence

Business Improvement

The focus of Operational Excellence is a hybrid of cost containment, operational throughput and a stable work force. The objective is a management team who are equipped to operationalise business strategy, implement change in their organisation’s processes and systems, and maximise value over the life of the asset.

Operational Excellence

What is Operational Excellence?

Deloitte’s Operational Excellence offerings assist Operational Executives to operationalise business strategy, implement improvement and change in their organisation’s processes, systems and people, as well as to maximise the value over the life of an asset or organisation.  Operational Excellence includes:

- Environmental scanning & Strategic Context
- People, Performance and Culture
- Process Optimisation
- Supply Chain and Sourcing
- Asset Care
- Asset and Resource Optimisation
- Continuous Improvement
- Management Control Systems
- Organisational Redesign and Simplification
- System Capacity and Capability
- Social Labour Plan Commitments

Why embark on Operational Excellence?

To achieve scalable change, operational executives have to alter their way of doing business by adopting operational excellence programmes that will allow operations to attain the following:

  • Operational cost containment and improved efficiencies. With increasing input costs and decreasing margins, many hidden operational costs are revealed and containing operational costs while improving efficiencies is critical in the survival of operations. 
  • Sustainable cost reduction efforts. Operations need to avoid falling into reactive cost cutting that eventually costs the business operations more money when correcting their expensive mistakes.
  • Workforce stability. There is a need for operations to retain key talent that is experienced enough to handle the aging infrastructure. It is essential for sustainable skill transfer to occur before the more mature labour force retires.