Strategy & Innovation

From Strategic Vision & Growth to Strategic Execution

Our Strategy & Innovation practice supports the strategic agenda of our clients in the key domains of growth, strategic transformation, and business improvement and optimisation.

With a focus on innovation and growth, we work with clients to ensure that strategies are implementable and outcomes are measurable. Our unique strategic planning approach allows executive teams to envision the future and identify opportunities for improved and sustainable business growth.

With over 220 practitioners locally and access to global Deloitte capabilities, the strategy and innovation team occupies a dominant position in the African market. A wide spectrum of capabilities and extensive experience is matched by specialist knowledge across a comprehensive range of industry sectors.

A strong focus on strategy formulation and execution is complemented by specialist units dedicated to helping companies tackle the business challenges of the future and seize growth opportunities. Through this work, we have successfully created significant new businesses and revenue sources for clients across industry sectors.

Key to our success is the calibre of the professionals and business leaders we are able to attract, grow and deploy to help clients solve their problems and make strategic choices.

The Deloitte difference is that we offer an end-to-end strategic solution, from Strategic Vision & Growth to Strategic Execution.