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Subject matter experts share tax and legal insights on COVID-19

Transfer pricing in a downturn – Navigating volatility

Various containment measures imposed by governments in response to COVID-19, such as factory closures, have cut manufacturing and domestic demand worldwide. It is highly probable that the profitability of most global supply chains will decrease due to a decline in demand and interruptions to manufacturing and logistic processes. This impact of market volatility may vary over various industries.

At this webinar our speakers will unpack above and discuss the following:

  •  Is it possible for companies to support a lower profitability?
  • The impact of employee related subsidies/governmental measures on calculating transfer prices;  
  • What has been the impact on the transfer pricing of financial transactions? and
  •  How changed locations, roles and responsibilities have had an impact on transfer pricing?

Presenters include:

  • Logan Wort, Executive Secretary: African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF)
  • Billy Joubert, Senior Associate Director: Transfer Pricing, Deloitte Africa Tax & Legal
  • Nereen Isaac, Senior Manager: Transfer Pricing, Deloitte Africa Tax & Legal
  • April Nicholson, Senior Manager: Transfer Pricing, Deloitte Africa Tax & Legal

When: Wednesday, 12 August 2020 | 10h00-11h00 | Register here

Innovation in a time of crisis

A technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) industry perspective

2020 was predicted to see the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) industry players working more closely together as technologies like edge artificial intelligence chips, robots and private 5G showed promising innovations, such as low orbit satellites.

Has the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic changed this prediction and expectations? How are businesses innovating in a time of crisis? Are there instruments that incentivise innovation?

At this webinar, our speakers will discuss the above aspects, sharing their TMT Industry experience as well as explore the research developments during the COVID-19 pandemic. Key insights will also be provided on how to utilise incentives to fuel business innovation.    

The session will be presented by:

  • Claire Busetti, Chief Investment Officer, Ariya Bridge Capital
  • Mark Joseph, Director: Core Business Operations and Deloitte Africa TMT Leader, Deloitte Consulting
  • Muhammad Simjee, Co-Founder of A2D24 (a digital consulting and implementation company)
  • Tumelo Marivate, Director: Global Investment and Innovation Incentives Leader, Deloitte Africa Tax & Legal
  • Strini Perumal, Senior Manager: Global Investment and Innovation Incentives, Deloitte Africa Tax & Legal

When: Wednesday, 19 August 2020 | 11h00 -12h00 | Register here

Past webinars

Missed one of our webinars? Click each tab below to download presentations and executive summaries, highlighting key themes discussed at these webinars.

Distressed markets – Key tax considerations of debt restructuring solutions

During this distressed markets webinar, our speakers provided an overview of our defensive and offensive strategic framework to consider when working through a distressed market, key tax considerations of debt restructuring solutions, as well as covered various regulatory related aspects.

Panel members were:

  • - Johnathan Godden, Director: Head of Corporate Finance, M&A and Debt Advisory, Deloitte Africa
  • - Norman Mekgoe, Director: Global Business Tax Services, International Tax, Deloitte Africa Tax & Legal
  • - Louise Vosloo, Director: Global Business Tax Services, International Tax, Deloitte Africa Tax & Legal
  • - Steven Breslin, Associate Director: Transfer Pricing, Deloitte Africa Tax & Legal

When: Monday, 29 June 2020| 10h00 -11h30 (SAST)

Deloitte Africa Legal regional webinar

At the Africa regional webinar, our panel of speakers unpacked the general government relief measures provided in South, West and East Africa, the impact of COVID-19 on contracts (force majeure and material adverse change clauses) and the implications of the pandemic and resultant economic restrictions for commercial transactions. Our speakers also explored relief measures available to employers in South, West and East Africa, as well as the implications for remuneration of employees during the COVID-19 pandemic

The panel discussion was facilitated by Sibongile Solombela, Director, Deloitte Legal

Panel members were:

  • - Kenya: Patrick Chege, Associate Director, Deloitte Africa Tax & Legal
  • - Nigeria: Oluseye Arowolo, Partner, Deloitte Africa Tax & Legal
  • - Nigeria: Asiata Agboluaje, Senior Manager Deloitte Africa Tax & Legal
  • - South Africa: Samantha Tumber, Associate Director, Deloitte Legal
  • - South Africa: Anastasia Posokhov, Senior Manager, Deloitte Legal
  • - Uganda: Patronella Namubiru, Associate Director, Deloitte Africa Tax & Legal

When: Thursday, 25 June 2020| 10h00 -11h00 (SAST)

Commercial law webinar

COVID-19 business impact – How to manage your commercial agreements both during and post lockdown

As the global and local economies continue to deal with the coronavirus (COVID-19), the pandemic has resulted in significant disruptions to ongoing commercial transactions. It is therefore imperative for organisations to pay particular attention to the potential impact and consequences of these disruptions on its agreed contractual terms. This entails amongst others, having measures in place for effective contract management and enforcement as well as contract governance.

At the commercial law webinar, Sibongile Solombela (Director: Legal), Tessa Quaker (Associate Director: Legal), Samantha Tumber (Associate Director: Legal) and Hanno Kruger (Senior Manager: Legal) unpacked the legal concept of force majeure in commercial agreements and its impact on enforcement of existing contractual rights and obligations, as well as explored some suggestions regarding effective contract management and governance post lockdown.

When: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 | 10h00 -11h00

Immigration management webinar

COVID-19 immigration management post lockdown

COVID-19 and the accompany worldwide lockdown, and closure of borders has presented certain challenges to companies, human resources and mobility staff, assignees and accompanying family alike, many of whom were caught in different stages of the immigration process when borders were closed. As the virus progresses around the globe and various countries are at different stages of easing lockdowns and looking to open borders again, many companies are keen to resume business as soon as possible, which requires consideration of the immigration process again, in what will likely be a “new” normal.

During the webinar, our subject matter experts discussed the above aspects, from a global, South African and regional perspective. The session was presented by:

  • - Lino de Ponte - Director: Global Employer Services (Global perspective)
  • - Shivana Sewchuran - Director: Global Employer Services (South African perspective)
  • - Shaun Kupersamy – Senior Manager: Global Employer Services (Regional perspective)

When: Thursday, 7 May 2020 | 14h00 -5h00

Employment law webinar

COVID-19 labour impact – How to manage your workforce during and post lockdown

The coronavirus (COVID-19) and the mandated national lockdown are having an unquantifiable negative impact on businesses and individuals. Employers are required to consider how to mitigate the financial losses, while considering the well-being of their employees. With numerous changes in regulations and information over-load, it is challenging to keep abreast of your rights and obligations as an employer.

At this interactive employment law webinar, Sibongile Solombela (Director: Legal) and Anastasia Posokhov (Senior Manager: Legal and Employment Law Specialist) will unpacked the legal options available to you, as well as how to practically implement these through the progressive levels of the pandemic and lockdown.

When: Tuesday, 5 May 2020 | 10h00 -11h00

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