Why is Mastery of Tax Data More Important Than Ownership?

Tax Analytics: Insight-driven advantage

Data analytics is the key to unlocking the power of tax data and managing it to best effect either as a tax authority or a taxpayer.

The global tax environment has undergone transformational change. The introduction of Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR), the European Commission’s anti-avoidance package, the open government agenda, and public “tax shaming” campaigns herald unprecedented change for companies and tax departments.

Tax authorities and corporates have access to more information than ever before. They are under pressure to release data to inform the debate, and address public concerns that the largest multinationals are gaming the rules.

In this context, the concept of taxpayer confidentiality—on the grounds that to reveal sensitive commercial data would give others an unfair competitive advantage—is under assault. Other countries may soon follow the example already set by some, where corporate tax assessments are available on-line.

How can Deloitte help:

Companies look to strategic advisors with global reach to guide them through the myriad of global tax challenges and regulatory pressures; bringing not only technical expertise, but also fresh, innovative solutions to support their operational challenges as well as their strategic business objectives.

Deloitte’s Tax Data Analytics solutions is the marriage of large data sets, tax technical expertise and innovative technology which when combined enables your organisation to deliver actionable insights, which in turn helps organisations:

  • Make decisions faster
  • Become more effective
  • Focus on their strategic agenda

Lead your business into the future with Deloitte Tax Analytics, with our unique solutions, specialising in the areas of Indirect tax, Business Tax, Global Employer Services, country by country reporting, Transfer Pricing and Global Research & Development and Government Incentives.

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