Africa TMT Lighthouse

The TMT Lighthouse is the hub for Deloitte’s industry leading tech, media and telco solutions. Along with our technology partners, we have combined years of industry advisory expertise and thought leadership to create innovative solutions that unlock exponential growth and productivity.

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Africa TMT Lighthouse

One stop: We are a single point of contact for Technology, Media and Telecommunications solutions and offerings that Deloitte provides for the industry

A toolbox: A tool box of solutions to reach into in solving your organisations’ biggest pain points

An accelerator: Because the solutions have been pre-packaged and tailored for each client experience, the move from ideation to client proposal is accelerated

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Channel Transformation

Channel transformation is an interactive end-to-end customer journey map, showcasing specific high priority pain points that different customer personae experience throughout their lifecycle.

Virtual Product & Price Optimisation Platform (VPOP)

VPOP is a tool that quantifies customer choices, preferences and price elasticity relating to price and product features. It enables clients to scenario test..

Smart Capital Expenditure (Smart CapEx)

The Smart Capex solution uses analytics to drive better informed and data-driven granular investment decisions that enhance ROI.

Adaptable Organisation Network Analysis (AONA)

A survey-based platform that examines network connections, collaboration patterns, identifies silos, and even “sentiment” around influence and trust.

Application Programming Interphase-enabled platform ecosystems (API)

The API platform will enable a TMT client’s digital customers and partners to build or enhance their own solutions.

Bot Data and Analytics (BoT DnA)

Captures unprecedented content-level information, that enables you to leverage real-time, actionable Business Intelligence (BI) and operational insights for any bot within the organisation.

Cyber Security Advisory

The solution utilises the combined endpoint detection and response security alerts with security infrastructure alerts, database monitoring alerts and analyse against acceptable business..

Model Guardian

Machine Learning [ML] models bring unprecedented accuracy and efficacy to challengingly complex optimization problems. In contrast to rules-based models, ML models derive the rules directly from the data..

Smart Contact Centres

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Key Contacts

Sandile Thwala

Manager and TMT Lighthouse Leader, Deloitte Consulting Africa | +27112098830

Sandile has a strong operations background, with over 15yrs work experience predominantly in the Telecommunication sector in various roles... More

Shyam Ranchod

Director and Africa TMT Digital Leader, Deloitte Consulting Africa | +27113045356

Shyam Ranchod is a Deloitte Consulting Director in Deloitte Africa’s Enterprise Solutions practice, he is also the Africa TMT Digital Leader... More

Garikai Matambo

Africa TMT Industry Strategist | +27113045459

Garikai Matambo is a Chief of Staff in the Deloitte Africa Member Firm and has been seconded to Deloitte Global as Operations Lead in the Global Telecoms... More

Vincent Magagula

Consultant, Core Business Operations TMT

Vincent is a consultant in Deloitte’s Core Business Operations team with a specialisation in Telecommunications. He has over 4 years experience.. More