Global Mobile Consumer Survey:

The South African Cut

The mobile phone remains the primary means of communication for South Africans and more than half of the population uses their smartphones to access the internet. This ongoing smartphone revolution, which is seeing the availability of more affordable handsets/devices, means that more consumers can have access to powerful applications (Apps) on their fingertips and “data” continues to be at the centre of the communication universe. In this GMCS SA 2018 Cut, we continue to explore key themes that provide useful insights of consumer behaviour and opportunities for market players.

Key take-outs

The report focuses on how consumers are using their mobile devices in South Africa, covering the following 4 themes:

  • Choosing a network: Recommendation, internet plan and price
  • Choosing a device: Smartphones, sales channel and price
  • Device usage: Instant messaging, streaming, digital payments and fingerprint recognition
  • Emerging trends: Data security and 5G

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