Digital media trends: A look beyond generations

Redrawing battle lines in the video streaming war

As the streaming war fires up the direct-to-consumer space and subscription fatigue sets in, providers should take a long view of what consumers want. A model that offers both ad-free and ad-supported services may be the key.


Key messages

  • M&E companies should recognize the opportunity to tailor multiple offerings, or multiple tiers of the same offering, to consumers based on their behaviours.
  • What succeeds with one media segment may fail with another, and customer analysis, segmentation, and targeting will likely be the keys to success.
  • Behaviour trends related to preferred device and content viewing platform—mobile, tablet, TV, etc.—have persisted and strengthened in this year’s survey.
  • Most segments feel a high level of frustration when the content they want to watch is no longer available on their streaming services.
  • One of the ways some consumers are cutting subscription costs is by choosing ad-supported streaming services.
  • Some ad-supported platforms are innovating their offerings by allowing reaggregation or bundling of other streaming services.


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