Five trends to watch in the evolving digital content ecosystem

The future of content delivery

A restructuring of the digital content ecosystem is underway. Here are five trends for media and entertainment executives to watch for.

Digital content ecosystem trends

In the old days, audiences received video content one way, and one way only: on the television. These days, however, what people watch—and how and where they watch it—is changing fundamentally. There are some differences in attitudes and behaviors across generations, but a growing number of people want easy access to content wherever they happen to be, according to Deloitte’s 2016 Digital democracy survey. Many experts predict the digital content ecosystem will aggressively fragment before it consolidates and evolves to meet these needs.

How can digital content producers stay ahead?

A restructuring of the media and entertainment industry is underway. In order to survive the future, content providers should:

  • Acquaint themselves with all potential future scenarios and risks.
  • Build new competitive differentiators and realign their portfolios accordingly. In this sense, understanding risk will power performance.
  • Stay focused on creating high-quality content that audiences will enjoy.

Thankfully, according to Cutbill, quality will continue to carry the day. “The question isn’t whether great content will find an audience, but who will be the ones to produce and broadcast it.”

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