Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2019

South Africa Cut

Smartphones remain consumers’ favourite device and have become a basic requirement for participation in the digital era. This trend is largely driven by affordability and convenience. In the past year, there has been a decline in the popularity of tablets.

This trend can be explained by the continued improvement in smartphone screen size, processing power and prices. The top manufacturers of phones continue to leverage their strong brands and relationships with service providers to dominate the market.

Key take-outs

The report focuses on how consumers are using their mobile devices in South Africa, covering the following 7 themes:

• Device market: Smartphones plateauing at the peak
• Connectivity: Capped but happy
• Apps/Services: All about self-expression?
• Mobile gaming: Show me the money!
• Digital entertainment: Film/TV/Music
• Mobile payments/e-commerce: Room for growth
• Privacy: It’s personal

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