CitySynergy™ operating system

Cities and places need to become smarter with new capabilities and management models enabled by technology.

Cities are the most complex ecosystems created by humans, with a current growth of one million inhabitants per day. A city that senses, learns and provides the best services and quality of life to its citizens and visitors, is the most ambitious goal to achieve.

Anticipating tomorrow's city issues, coping with the lack of integration between vertical domains, dealing with the growing security challenges, and designing new strategies is imperative for municipalities.

The city must create an ecosystem in which services and citizen information are highly integrated. As such, cities need to change and undergo digital transformation in order to improve the quality of service to the citizen.

The base for digital transformation is the complete integration and central management of all service domains through a specialized command centre. This enables considerable savings and at the same time, ensures a holistic and correlated vision of the domains, enhancing citizen satisfaction.

CitySynergy™ – The brain and nervous system of a city

At Deloitte, we have developed CitySynergy™ - an integrated city operating system with five sub-products, each one of them with a specific set of functionalities related to the core functions of any city. CitySynergy™ provides an integrated and holistic view into the heart of a city.

Through optimisation of operational efficiency, the coordination and support of city managers and stakeholders, and real time engagement with citizens, response efforts are improved greatly. It also ensures city managers have comprehensive data and information to prepare for problems, plan for growth, and adapt to citizens expectations.

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