Mobile World Congress 2017

Not at Mobile World Congress this year? Here’s what you miss

Deloitte had a large team in Barcelona from 27 February to 2 March. As every year, there was a combination of hype and genuinely important and interesting news.

The biggest overall highlight was that there was no overall highlight! The two major smartphone players; Apple and Samsung were conspicuously quiet, with the much-anticipated product launches for their new flagship phones coming later in 2017. There were launches from other manufacturers of course, but the best example of the scarcity of important news was all the media attention around the “new” Nokia 3310. It was a fun story, but the device is not likely going to sell the tens of millions of units it takes to have an impact on the global smartphone market, which will be around 1.5 billion phones this year.

What stood out:
  • 5G
  • 4.5G, aka LTE-Advanced and LTE-A Pro
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine learning goes mobile
  • Wearables
  • Virtual Reality
  • Vinyl

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