Shared Value in the 4IR: Opportunities for the TMT industry 

The novel ways in which the TMT industry can respond to stakeholder expectations in a post-2020 society

The COVID-19 pandemic has hurtled the world into a future that was only previously imagined. Technology is more rapidly than ever weaving itself into every fabric of human life. This has brought about an enormous leap in living quality, consumer choice, convenience, globalised trade and socio-economic development, but it has also brought with it deepening inequalities and societal divisions, as well as concerns about the intrusiveness of technology companies and our right to privacy.


In light of this magnificent transition, the South African telecommunications, media and technology (TMT) industry find itself in an interesting position. It is both a perpetuator of change and a responder to change. It puts the industry in a unique position to ensure that the potential benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) are maximised and that it is shared as broadly as possible.


Highlights of this report:

This report illuminates how a shared value (SV) approach can assist TMT companies in applying technology to solve societal problems.

  • It provides an overview of how innovation was borne out of the of the necessity created by the COVID-19 pandemic in areas such as education, social services, retail and healthcare.
  • It reflects on the meaning of creating shared value in this context and which levers can be pulled to address societal issues on the African continent, such as surging unemployment, the ever-increasing African youth bulge and the lack of digital skills amongst young people.
  • The report presents three opportunities for the TMT sector to capitalise on: increasing digital accessing, fostering digital inclusion and finding ways for technology to be applied for ‘good’.


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