Achieving Digital Maturity

Adapting your company to a changing world

Deloitte and MIT Sloan Management Review’s 7th annual survey of digital business trends seeks to understand the most difficult cultural, organisational, and talent-related challenges that can impact an organisation’s ability to achieve digital maturity. We would like you to make your contribution into the next study by participating in our survey.

We know digital is transforming business. Everyone is becoming a digital organisation. A technology company, However many companies are actually behind.

Too many often focus on the first part of the equation, and not the second. The DIGITAL… instead of the ORGANISATION.

Key takeouts from this report

Based on the 2017 global survey of more than 3,500 managers and executives and 15 interviews with executives and thought leaders, MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte’s third annual study of digital business reveals five key practices of companies that are developing into more mature digital organisations. Their approaches, which may offer valuable lessons for companies that want to improve their own digital efforts, include:

  1. Implementing systemic changes in how they organise and develop workforces, spur workplace innovation, and cultivate digitally minded cultures and experiences.
  2. Playing the long game.
  3. Scaling small digital experiments into enterprise-wide initiatives that have business impact.
  4. Becoming talent magnets.
  5. Securing leaders with the vision necessary to lead a digital strategy, and a willingness to commit resources to achieve this vision.

How can Deloitte help

Our collaboration with MIT Sloan Management Review allows us to assist companies in understanding the challenges and opportunities associated with the use of digital technology. We look forward to your survey responses and discussing digital maturity futher with you. 

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