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The Deloitte Collaborative Content Series contains points of view created through deliberate and facilitated conversations between our domain experts and selected industry leaders. We believe this to be an ideal mechanism to distil locally relevant and informed perspectives - combining world-class intellectual property with practical, hands-on experience.

Mining CIO Roundtable Report

Mining and Resources organisations across the globe are all facing challenging and turbulent times as commodity prices fall with reduced global consumption from mega markets. The pressure to revisit and review all operating assumptions has intensified and executives of the most junior to the most senior mining companies all seek to optimise operations at every level.

It is our firm view that technology and the role of the CIO reside at the heart of the efforts to create the truly future-it mining company. However, challenges facing mining CIOs are ever present. Increasing focus on optimising current technology assets clash with the need to future-proof the workforce while looking to experiment and adopt new, disruptive technologies within an established industry. Budgets remain heavily skewed towards maintaining existing systems while technical debt remains unchallenged.

How then do CIOs respond, and what would their focus need to be to ensure a voice and path from technologist to strategist and catalyst? Where should their focus be, and what can the Mining CIO do to promote effective, efficient operations while maintaining and improving business agility?

The Deloitte Mining CIO Roundtable focuses on the challenges, opportunities and broader environmental constraints facing CIOs in the mining industry today.

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