CIO Perspective

Transport and Logistics Industry

The Deloitte Transport and Logistics CIO Roundtable focuses on the challenges, opportunities, and broader environmental constraints facing CIOs in the transport and logistics industry today.

In an increasingly competitive digital world where consumers demand instant gratification a high performance transport and logistics systems are key for both company and country competitiveness. Achieving excellence in logistics is a herculean task that requires huge funds, political consent, planning capacity, and subject-matter expertise.

It takes collaboration between government and the private sector. Some countries have natural geographical advantages that, when combined with high logistics performance, can see them become gateways for neighbouring, often landlocked countries.

Despite the fact that most freight on the continent gets transported via road, the majority (roads) are either unpaved or in poor condition. Quality tends to deteriorate significantly once you leave international trunk roads. Capital expenditures simply are not keeping up with the need for preventive maintenance.

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