Youth led innovation

Springage by Deloitte is the millennial insights unit that aims to help organisations understand, engage and collaborate with the millennial market, both internally as employees and externally as customers to meet their business aspirations as they strive to future proof themselves.


We do this by collaborating with a network of dynamic young people, called Springers, to solve business challenges and use their unique insights to co-create futuristic, bold innovations.

How it works? 

  • You have a question/challenge.
  • We recruit fit-for purpose Springers geared to solving the problem
  • We find internal champions interested in solving the questions
  • We host a champion session to clarify and reframe the questions
  • We host an immersion session
  • We host a Springbreak session
  • Springrefinery: business case and pilot solution
  • Springboard: Scale the solution
Our innovation principles   
  • The “question” is our mutual attraction. We love to take on challenges that are urgent and appealing.Are they moving your business and Africa forward? 
  • We connect you to your outside world – embrace the perspectives brought in by the Springers 
  • Innovation is a learning process – insights are delivered every step of the way 
  • Make uncommon connections – each person in the SpringBREAK is unique in their thinking  
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The Mill_Board

Watch the overview of The Mill_Board.


The Millennial Score (M_Score)

A way for organisations to benchmark themselves as to whether they are ready for the growing Millennial Workforce, or Millennial Customers.

It’s a way for organisations to learn where they are doing well and explore where they can improve in engaging, understanding and collaborating with the Millennials.

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