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The Connected Executive service is specifically tailored to enable executive committees and senior technology boards of organisations to align their optimise their operational and strategic technology investments, whilst simultaneously growing and protecting their brand and competitive advantage, in relation to the increasingly disruptive technology challenges impacting society, businesses and economies today.

The service is tailored to provide senior executives with the opportunity to connect and engage with our experienced and global Deloitte Technology leadership team, with the aim of providing dedicated and practical advice specific to the revolutionary technology developments that are permanently changing the and business landscape across the globe. 

In fact, rapid advances in technology, including the proliferation of digital services and accompanying regulatory and compliance demands, have resulted in a growing need for almost every organisation to become more familiar with the impact these changes can and will have on their key stakeholders and environments.  Moreover, the advent of new information technology acts and regulations can expose your clients to unforeseen risk, both reputational and commercial, especially if their compliance is not formally governed. 

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The four key areas covered by The Connected Executive service include:

1. Technology immersion services, where key technology disruptors and enablers are outlined and assessed in relation to your client’s industry and service sector

2.Technology consultation for Senior Executives and associated committees, where in-depth discussions on specific technology disruptors and enablers that are relevant to your client’s industry are facilitated by a team of experienced Deloitte Technology leaders

3. Technology consultation for Technology Specialists and associated committees, which focus on addressing current and critical IT operational issues and risks that your client may be facing and which are hindering the realization of commercial value for your client

4. Deloitte CIO Transition Labs, which are delivered as high-impact one-day experiences focused on supporting new or experienced CIOs in formulating a strategic plan for the delivery of technology excellence in your clients industry and service sector.

Our Connected Executive service also leverages the global reach of the Deloitte Technology leadership team, where seasoned practitioners from across the Deloitte universe will be acting as participants and advisors to your clients and their stakeholders.

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