The Pokémon GO Effect

What the global viral phenomenon can teach us about exponential business

There is no doubt that Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm. Some have said; even if you’re living under a rock, Pokémon trainers will lift that rock to check if any of the virtual pocket monsters are hiding there.

Don’t let the cutesy creatures and arcade-cheese music fool you, John Hanke and the brains at Niantic have carefully crafted a product that inspires the perfect combination of engagement, retention, virality and monetisation. It’s that recipe, not just the elusive Pikachu, which has young and old alike running around the streets staring at their smartphones with more intensity than ever before.

The folks at Deloitte Digital’s Africa practice been doing pretty intensive research into the game since it launched, and have produced this handy guide that aims to break down the recipe for Pokémon GO’s success… we still haven’t caught that Pikachu, though.

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