Digital Strategy

Through our Digital Strategy capability, within Deloitte Digital, we assist large organisations to disrupt their industries and competitors before they are disrupted. By doing so, we assist clients harness the power of exponential technologies.

Furthermore, by focusing on the power of platforms, our team operates a People Platform Business which aims to support and enhance staff performance within the digital era. By rapidly prototyping solutions to key pain points and by making use of agile methodologies to drive incremental digital transformation, we are able to guide our clients on a transformation journey and, thereby, enabling them to stay relevant.

Our deep expertise and knowledge in Customer Experience helps us unlock sustainable growth through customer value creation for our clients. We assist them to effectively initiate, grow, and sustain profitable relationships with their customers. We provide end-to-end services by combining strategy, marketing, branding and communication experts and technology and data scientists with the best creative minds.

More specifically, our Digital Strategy offering focuses on the following services:
  • Architecting scalable digital platforms that allow clients to build their digital ecosystems.
  • Incubating and commercialising digital platforms
  • Providing strategic advice to digitise business and corporate strategy and making use of exponential technologies to disrupt business models.
  • Accelerated conceptualisation, development and commercialisation of targeted products and services using digital disruption that will create the new norm in customer experience and industry economics.
  • Innovation and Ideation
  • Prototyping
  • Business case, roadmaps, and competitive analysis
  • Customer experience and analysis
  • Brand audit and strategy
  • Digital ventures
  • Digital Foundry

Key contacts

Veronique Filip

Veronique Filip

Customer Advisory and Experience Leader

Veronique is the leader of Monitor Deloitte’s Customer Advisory and Experience team for South Africa. She is a specialist in developing and leading growth, marketing, sales and customer experience str... More

Gareth Rees

Gareth Rees

Digital Strategy leader

Gareth is the leader of the Deloitte Digital Transformation practice, which assists clients to survive and thrive the onslaught of disruptive transformational technologies. He believes that large busi... More