Chris Barker

Associate Director

Chris Barker

Chris Barker is a Mechanical Engineer, with BSc, GDE and MSc degrees.

After working for Unilever, ultimately running Lipton’s Teas, he somehow managed to get into McKinsey where he stayed for 3 years.

Chris spent the last 18 years building businesses in SA, ranging from co-founding Neotel, leading MTN on the winning bid for Iran, taking over and rescuing TopTV & Aquarius Platinum, founding & building Africa’s largest weather biz, SA’s 3rd largest pharmacy retailer, and pioneering everything to do with HIV treatment in SA resulting in the co-founding of Africa’s largest NGO.

After selling out of Neotel in 2017, Chris joined Monitor Deloitte, where his focus is on blue ocean opportunities, helping corporates react to the insane pace of change the world is going through.

Chris is firmly attached to an over-the-top fashionista, and has a 8yo Xhosa princess, who clearly cherry-picked from both gene pools.

Chris Barker