Dr Marco Macagnano

Smart Real Estate & Smart Cities Leader

Dr Marco Macagnano

Prior to his appointment in Smart Real Estate Leader for South Africa and Africa Deloitte, Dr Marco Macagnano accrued 14 years of experience as an award-winning professional architect, and was named as one of Building Design + Construction’s 2018 Global 40 Under 40 in Architecture, Engineering and Construction.

Marco was elected to the Board of Directors of the Green Building Council of South Africa in 2017, and is currently a member of the advisory board to the University Of Pretoria Dept. Of Architecture.

Marco completed his Ph.D. with a focus on Smart and Sustainable built environments, and the development of an integrated systems-design methodology aligned to a revised model for sustainable development in the Information Age. Marco also holds a Master’s degree in architecture and is a registered professional architect.

Past project delivery has occurred across most sectors of the built environment including: commercial, retail, residential, hospitality, healthcare, educational, institutional, mixed-use precincts, specialist facilities and urban design.

His current contribution to Deloitte addresses the future of smart and sustainable buildings and cities through digital integration and strategy during project design, delivery and operations. This is achieved through integration of end-to-end IoT solutions, data analytics, systems and platform architecture, cloud integration, digital and experience design, and strategic technological frameworks.

His role and focus is to create value-driven built environments that are aligned to business outcomes, human-centric, adaptive, and operationally sustainable.

Dr Marco Macagnano