Mohammed Gause

Technology leader

Mohammed Gause

Deloitte Place,The Woodlands

20 Woodlands Drive



South Africa


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Mohammed leads the Southern Africa Technology Consulting practice. He has over 28 years experience in the IT industry, gained in a variety of roles. 

Mohammed  spent 21 years of his career implementing business and IT solutions to clients across a number of industries, including banking, resources, transportation, oil & gas, telecommunications and broadcasting. He was a founding executive of Accenture’s telecommunications & media practice, and helped grow it into a successful multi-client portfolio. 

Mohammed joined one of Africa's largest banks in 2009 as a senior executive and a member of the IT ExCo, where he managed six CIOs across the bank's business and geographic units. He was responsible for IT operations and 400 staff in the 12 locations operated by the bank. Mohammed ensured the successful integration of a newly formed entity, substantially improving collaboration with business; managing delivery of business solutions; improving system resilience; and reducing technology operational costs.

Mohammed Gause