Veronique Filip

Customer & Marketing Strategy leader

Veronique Filip

Deloitte Place,The Woodlands

20 Woodlands Drive



South Africa


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Veronique is a specialist in developing and leading growth, marketing and sales strategies. She joined Deloitte in 2010 as an Associate Director in the Customer Advisory Practice where she developed revenue growth strategies with a focus in multiple industries and sectors such as Financial Services, Consumer Business, TMT, Public Sector, Healthcare and Manufacturing

Her areas of expertise include the following; developing growth, marketing and market strategies, marketing and sales effectiveness, business strategy formulation, brand expansion and positioning, customer experience, and various activities within the web and social media ecosystem.

Prior to joining Deloitte, Veronique served as a Marketing Director for 18 years in several leading companies in the EMEA region. She has a PhD in Marketing, Market Research and Commercialisation, a Master’s degree in Corporate Management and Economy and a Bachelor of Science degree in International Trading. 

Veronique Filip