Wendy Smith

Africa C&IP Business Process Solutions Leader

Wendy Smith

Deloitte Place,The Woodlands

20 Woodlands Drive



South Africa


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Wendy is the Regional Director in charge of Business Process Solutions (BPS) at Deloitte & Touche Western Cape, and leads the BPS service line for the Consumer & Industrial Products Industry in Africa. BPaaS strives to be the preferred supplier of premium business process solutions, and resource led finance and accounting support to our clients, both in the private and public sectors in Africa. Wendy provides a range of accounting and financial management related solutions to her clients. She has excellent problem solving skills and applies this in day to day dealings with her clients to quickly assess and understand her clients' needs . Wendy leads multidisciplinary teams as the client service leader, to deliver effective outcomes. She believes in working with her clients with a partnering approach and applies her leadership and skills, to deliver results and add value to her clients.

Wendy Smith