Wesley Govender

Data Risk

Wesley Govender

Deloitte Place,The Woodlands

20 Woodlands Drive



South Africa


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Wesley Govender is a seasoned Client Services professional. He held a variety of positions and roles over 13 years. He has gained a series of general management skills which includes: Finance & Operations Management, Business Development , Talent & HR and Project Management. He has been exposed to, and has serviced a myriad of clients across the industrial products, mining, telecommunications, financial services and public sector industries.
His client delivery experience includes:
1. Program Assurance - Strategy and innovation
2. Business processes
3. Internal & External Audit
4. IT Audit 
5. Business Analytics (Solving business problems using data)

He sets the example and drives the belief that a healthy organisation is people centric with an inclusive team culture, contains a diversity of skills and backgrounds, has a healthy revenue pipeline and is supported by structured and disciplined operations.

Wesley Govender