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Market Gravity is a proposition design consultancy

Deloitte’s Market Gravity works with the world’s biggest companies to design and launch new products and services and build their innovation capabilities. Their mission is to unleash the entrepreneurial potential of big businesses to improve customers’ lives. Market Gravity brings an entrepreneurial spirit and energy to all their projects. They work with their clients to bring commercially robust, customer-centric propositions to market at pace.

Market Gravity | Our Approach to Proposition Design

Market Gravity | Financial Service Provider Client Success Story

Covid19 forced businesses to rapidly adapt to the changing landscape to address customer’s increased expectations of companies and the products they sell. As part of our Market Gravity Rapid Value Proposition, Deloitte worked alongside one of Africa’s largest Financial Services Providers to co-create their vision and ultimately create a customer proposition that they could launch within the market. 

“Deloitte tailored 19-week approach for our Market Gravity Rapid Proposition design where we upskilled our client with tools and techniques such as design thinking, scaled agile, financial modelling, rapid prototype and testing, and ultimately helped them shape their go-to customer value proposition and become a self-sustaining team, using the lesson they have learned from the 19 -week programme.”

– Adam Heyens, UX & Customer Specialist | Deloitte Africa

“To get our client to the next level of Capability, we benchmarked them against both local as well as international players in their industries, and this allowed us to gain a better understanding of where they had strength, and advantage as well as where there was wide space for growth. This way we were able to focus our attention on where to build strength and build capability so that we can enable them to deliver on a market-beating ambition.”

- Ashish Desai, Engagement Director | Deloitte Africa

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