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Maximising the Power of your People

Planning an employee survey? We’ve got you covered.


Survey Competency

Deloitte Human Capital has extensive experience in end-to-end survey design, aligned to international best practice, with the flexibility to run both pre-designed surveys, and custom-built surveys.


Best Company by Deloitte

This pre-designed survey is our flagship employee engagement and culture survey. Broken into 4 of the most fundamental drivers of engagement today - Leadership, Culture, Human Experience, and Talent – the survey report will determine areas of focus for your organisation and aspects that can be celebrated. Our onlineinteractive dashboard allows for a granular deep dive into your results.

It can be tailored to include custom questions, that are specific to the organisation.

The survey remains secure and independent, offering a flexible and anonymous means for surveying your people.


Other Surveys

The Deloitte People Surveys team has the ability to conduct various people surveys; including gender equality studiesdiversity and inclusion surveys, Leadership 180/360 assessments and fully custom people surveys.


Download our Infographic to the Best Company by Deloitte for more detail.

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