East African Crude Oil Pipeline - EACOP

Supplier Survey

Total East Africa Midstream B.V. (‘TEAM’) has contracted Deloitte Consulting Limited to launch an Industrial Baseline Survey to assess the current availability of locally sourced industrial goods and services in Tanzania, related directly and indirectly to the development of the oil and gas resources.

This survey will enable TEAM to gain an understanding of the availability of goods, services and manpower which are required to construct and operate the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (‘EACOP’) in Tanzania. Based on the outcome of this assessment, TEAM will identify actions to be carried out by the different stakeholders to close the gaps between the current capacity in Tanzania and the future needs of the pipeline and oil & gas industry at large and thus contribute to the advancement of Tanzania’s industrial readiness to address the needs of the sector.

You are receiving this invitation to participate because your company's product or service belongs to our target list of industries related directly or indirectly to future oil and gas projects.

Please note that this is NOT a pre-qualification questionnaire for tenders.

The short questionnaire attached will provide general information about your company profile, size, supply capacity and the main challenges to achieve growth in your area of operations.

If your company is interested to participate in the EACOP survey, please select and complete all relevant questionnaires as attached below. A separate questionnaire must be completed for each relevant industry that your company provides services for.

Document List
Bulk Construction Material Download
Consultancy Services Download
Electrical Materials & Equipment Download
Engineering Services Download
Food & Beverage Download
Industrial Consumables Download
Inspection Control Services Download
Instrumentation and ICT Download
Machinery Heavy Equipment Supply Download
Mechanical Equipment Download
Mechanical Electrical Civil Building Vendors Download
Pipe Installation Services Download
Pipe Manufacturing Download
Professional Services Download
Security Safety Download
Steel Manufacturing Download
Storage Download
Transportation & Logistics Download
Utility Supply Services Download
Waste Management Download
Water Supply Download
Admin Support Services Download
Health Services Download
Structural Steel Download
ICT Services Download

Once completed return the questionnaire(s) electronically back by Wednesday, 15 August 2018 to eacop-survey@deloitte.co.tz for processing.  

We hope you participate in this survey, as the results will be useful to support the development of national content in Tanzania. The data collected from this survey will be kept confidential and only aggregated data will be reported; individual responses will not be published.

Thank you for your co-operation and if you have any questions, please contact us by email at eacop-survey@deloitte.co.tz.

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