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A renaissance in business analytics is underway and it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Enter the Deloitte Analytics team. With industry expertise, advanced analytics capabilities and Deloitte Greenhouse sessions, we help you turn everyday information into useful and actionable insights.


Analytics services

You’ve got the big picture, but how to break it down into actionable items? Deloitte Analytics helps you maximize the value of your data.


Analytics tools

How analytics can help you maximize the value of data.


Customer analytics

Deloitte Analytics can deliver insights to help you better understand your customers and markets – and serve them more effectively.


Safety analytics

Predictive modelling techniques can be used to identify factors that drive workplace incidents and to develop effective prevention strategies.


Data analytics, innovation and privacy: who wins?

Data analytics is accelerating the pace of innovation and disrupting traditional business models. To learn more, read our report.


Weak links no more

Analytics can help businesses fine-tune their supply chain to gain a competitive advantage. To learn more, read our three-minute guide.


Costs and effect

Analytics can help your organization recover money you have lost and develop better contract governance. To learn more, read our three-minute guide.


Driving economic and social growth

The real value of data comes not just from its generation, but from its manipulation and analysis. By doing so, policymakers and commercial organizations can uncover insights that improve outcomes and yield financial benefits.

Anthony Viel

Managing Partner, Financial Advisory; Analytics Leader

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Deloitte Greenhouse™

Disrupt ordinary thinking, reveal new possibilities, experience breakthroughs and incite productive action at the immersive Deloitte Greenhouse.


Deloitte named a global leader in Business Analytics Services by Gartner

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (Deloitte Global) is pleased to announce that Gartner has named Deloitte a global leader in Business Analytics Services.


Predictive Project Analytics

Deloitte’s Predictive Project Analytics (PPA) significantly enhances the effectiveness of traditional project management tools. By leveraging advanced analytics we are able to evaluate the likelihood that a project will be successful – followed with practical and actionable advice.