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Deloitte's Risk Intelligent approach helps clients focus on their areas of increased risk, bridge silos to effectively manage risk across organizational boundaries and pursue not only risk mitigation, but also intelligent risk taking as a means to value creation.


Cyber risk services

Deloitte’s cyber risk practice helps you reduce your exposure to cyber attacks and respond in a secure, vigilant and resilient manner. We are a world leader in security consulting with capabilities that cross the disciplines of risk management, IT consulting and organizational transformation. 


Governance, regulatory and risk

In risk, there is opportunity. In opportunity, there is risk. Deloitte’s governance, regulatory and risk practices can help you walk this line with services that create and protect value and enhance the effective management of your strategic, regulatory, financial, operational and compliance risks.


Bridging the gap between risk data and business benefits

Financial institutions in the process of complying with BCBS 239 principles have an extraordinary opportunity. Learn how choosing to enhance your data analytics capabilities can uncover new business opportunities, reduce costs, mitigate risk and grow your business.


Ryerson, Deloitte partner to offer privacy certification

Determining how to best protect privacy in today's knowledge-sharing environment can be daunting. The Privacy by Design framework is one solution. And now, Deloitte and Ryerson University have partnered to offer Privacy by Design certification. Learn how it can help you gain a competitive edge.


How disruptive technologies are changing the game in risk

Science fiction is becoming science fact. There is a wave of so-called disruptive technologies on the near horizon that promise to have a great impact on our personal lives and our business practices.


IT risk today: Get with it or go home

Understanding and managing current IT risks


2015 ORSA Outlook

Our 2015 ORSA Outlook highlight Deloitte’s view of the insurance industry’s ORSA way forward to achieve alignment with the ORSA principles encapsulated in the OFSI ORSA Guideline as well as how ORSA can deliver tangible business benefits


Cybersecurity remains a growing problem

Learn the lessons or pay the price


Internal Audit

Adding value in a changing landscape

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Janet Lewell

Managing Partner, Enterprise risk services


Nick Galletto

Americas Leader, Cyber Risk Services


Terry Hatherell

Controls Transformation & Assurance Leader


Managing risk with Enterprise Risk Services

Show clients how to find a balance between effective risk mitigation and intelligent risk taking.


Meeting the challenge of cybersecurity

Join a team of innovative thinkers and learn to defend clients from emerging threats in an evolving digital world.


Controls transformation and assurance

Deloitte’s controls transformation & assurance practice helps you gain assurance over your financial, system and operational internal controls. Our services leverage best-in-class methodologies and a vast suite of tools and analytic capabilities to support your control transformation journey.


Corporate governance

Acting beyond compliance and adopting forward-looking governance practices are top of mind for boards. Deloitte’s advisory services to directors and boards include assistance with corporate governance practices and performance assessments, CEO succession planning and leadership team transitions. 

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Changing the game on Cyber Risk


Deloitte's Risk Angles Series

Risk Angles is Deloitte’s series of short, powerful interviews, designed to inform on pressing risk topics. Explore a wide range of governance, risk, and compliance issues – and stay ahead of what’s next.