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Selling Prices Map

Unique web application

Selling Prices Map is a unique web application that processes the largest database of data on realised residential property prices and their development over time. Based on these data, it provides a comprehensive view of the Czech residential real estate market, along with its structure, development, prices and trends. The Selling Prices Map has a dynamic character: it processes and compares data that change in time – not only data on prices, but also data influencing the standards of apartment construction projects.

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The Transaction Price Map:
  • Provides an extensive database of comprehensive information available to the public on localities, development projects, apartments, sales, prices, standards and development trends;
  • Focuses on all segments of the residential market – new apartments in development projects, apartments in apartment buildings, apartments in brick houses as well as detached houses;
  • Only processes official data on sales (transactions) that were actually realised, gaining its data from public sources, in particular from Cadastral Offices;
  • Monitors all transactions in Prague, the Central Bohemian Region and in regional towns over a long period of time and by individual projects/ buildings;
  • With respect to apartments in development projects, provides information not only on the 'first sales from developers to clients', but also on the subsequent 're-selling between apartment owners'.

The information in the Selling Prices Map is organised into predefined thematic reports. Individual reports provide the required information arranged in summary tables, graphs and text comments. At the same time, each report serves as an independent analytical tool, dynamically changing its contents based on the adjusted selection criteria.

The key feature of this Selling Prices Map includes a comparison of apartment prices in individual segments of the residential market based on current prices, ie transaction prices. Concurrently, the so-called “CULT standards” standards allowing one to compare the individual apartment construction projects using commensurable parameters may also be applied to apartments in development projects. C=Comfort, U=Utilities, L=Location, T=Technology. Both key parameters have not yet been systematically incorporated into the price comparison.

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