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Center for the Edge

Center for the Edge

Your future business is on the edge of your current business: what is created on the edge of the competitive landscape—in terms of technology, geography, or demographics — will strike at the heart of your business. At the Deloitte Center for the Edge Europe we translate trends to business impact.

Dinner on the Edge - Building innovation ecosystems with corporates and startups


Hoe wordt uw organisatie agile?

Hoe blijft uw organisatie relevant? Lees over het belang van agile en volg deze 5 adviezen


Werken bij Deloitte

Ben je op zoek naar een nieuwe baan of uitdagende stage? Al onze vacatures vind je op


Connect passion with profession

John Hagel from Deloitte Center for the Edge explores how co-creation spaces can unleash worker passion.


How to get the value of exponential technology

The exponential growth of technology and internet is changing all industries. We have moved from a push-world to a world with pull-based business models. How do you get value from exponential technology? Tap into worker passion and scale from the edge.


Wassili Bertoen

Center For The Edge Europe



Maarten Oonk

Center for the Edge Europe

Senior Manager


The mission of the Center for the Edge Europe

We help senior executives make sense of and profit from emerging opportunities on the edge of business and technology.


Onze innovatiepartners

Innoveren doe je niet alleen. Wij werken samen met verschillende partijen om onze innovatiekracht te vergroten.


A consumer-driven culture of health

What's the future hold for healthcare? It’s becoming an open, consumer-driven ecosystem


From 222 to 0.06 dollar in 20 years

The exponential growth of technology and internet has shortened product life cycles and reduced the return on assets for years. All industries face new challenges and disruption. What steps are required to respond successfully?


Businesses as movements

John Hagel from Deloitte’s Center for the Edge explores new ways to create value by evolving your business into movements.