Center for Corporate Governance

The Deloitte LLP Center for Corporate Governance supports executives, boards of directors, and others active in governance by providing them with resources pertaining to current boardroom issues and governance trends.


Board succession

Chairman of the Board Mike Fucci gives his insight into how a company with a strong board of directors can impact the present and forge the future.


10 questions you should be asking

Looming threats. Big bets. Emerging trends. High-stakes uncertainty takes many forms. These 10 questions can help you find out if you’re prepared for what’s next—even if you can’t predict the future.


Increasing the number of women in the boardroom

Corporate boards looking to add women to their ranks might need to open their aperture to see the benefits, forward-looking views, and skill sets that gender diversity could bring to boardroom discussions.


Building world-class ethics and compliance programs

What separates a “good” ethics and compliance program from a “great” one? In our experience, there are five key differentiators.


About the Center for Corporate Governance 

The center orchestrates dialogue, knowledge-sharing, and thought leadership on governance issues.


DTTL Global Center for Corporate Governance

The Global Center collaborates with Deloitte member firms to promote dialogue and activity on the critical topic of corporate governance and its impact on corporations and their boards, investors, and others.


Global governance centers site selector

Visit all 40 member firm governance centers from around the globe.


Facing cyber threats

Oversight of cyber threats and of their management falls squarely within directors’ governance responsibilities.

Deborah DeHaas

CIO & National Managing Partner | Deloitte LLP

Maureen Bujno

Managing Director, Center for Corporate Governance

Deloitte in the news

Rethinking risk leadership: Andrew Blau talks strategic risk

More companies are starting to use risk analytics, big data and human judgment to identify strategic risks early and track them with greater confidence. How can leaders rethink their approach to risk?


Sustainability disclosure

Learn how to prepare for more rigorous reporting and disclosure demands for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) transparency.


Audit Committee Brief

A periodic publication that provides audit committee members with recommendations, overviews of corporate governance resources, regulatory and legislative environment outlooks, and technical updates.


Board diversity

Knowledge of personality can help a board achieve diversity of thought.


Board Practices Report

The ninth edition of this report covers a number of board governance areas, including activism, risk, and board refreshment.


Framing the future of corporate governance

This framework forms the basis for the tools that can quickly identify potential opportunities to improve both effectiveness and efficiency.