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Today’s chief financial officers (CFOs) are expected to play four diverse and challenging roles: steward, operator, strategist, and catalyst. These varied roles make a CFO’s job more complex than ever.

The Strategist CFO


CFO Signals™: Quarterly CFO survey

This quarterly survey tracks the thinking and actions of leading CFOs – representing North America’s largest and most influential companies. The full list of surveys is available here.


Deloitte on disruption

Learn about the challenges facing organizations today and how to anticipate, adapt, make decisions, and change course to prevail in a disruptive world. 


The CFO Program

Deloitte’s CFO Program brings together a multidisciplinary team of leaders and subject matter specialists to help CFOs stay ahead of growing challenges.


The Finance Labs

First-hand participation in one of our Labs delivers a fast, reliable way to gain command of your most pressing finance issues.


Mergers and Acquisitions Services

Deloitte’s Mergers and Acquisitions Services provide value across the entire deal lifecycle, from strategy to execution to integration or divestiture.


Risk Advisory Services

Deloitte’s market-leading risk advisory practice is dedicated to helping your organization manage strategic, financial, operational, technological and regulatory risk to maximize enterprise value.


Automated External Reporting

Leverage existing data and technology to reduce reliance on the manual, spreadsheet-driven processes inherent in current external reporting activities.


CFO Journal from The Wall Street Journal

Deloitte writes and compiles a regular stream of CFO-centric content and timely features - research, topical digests, perspectives, insights, and technical analysis - which appear in a separate module of CFO Journal, an online publication from The Wall Street Journal. 

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Sanford A. Cockrell III

DTTL Global CFO Program Leader


Ajit Kambil

Deloitte LLP Global CFO Program Research Director


Greg Dickinson

Director| North American CFO Survey | Deloitte LLP

Dbriefs Webcast

Technology trends in 2016: What should CFOs focus on?

February 24 | 3:00 p.m. ET

Dbriefs Webcast

Upcoming Dbriefs webcasts

Anticipating tomorrow's complex issues and new strategies is a challenge. Take the lead with Dbriefs—live webcasts that give you valuable insights on important developments affecting your business. Dbriefs offers live webcasts featuring practical knowledge from Deloitte specialists.