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CFO Insights

A monthly thought leadership series

CFO Insights, a monthly Deloitte publication with 37,000-plus subscribers, takes a CFO-centric look at issues facing large and midsize organizations. Decidedly practical, CFO Insights details what finance chiefs may want to consider when addressing challenges such as disruptive technologies, changes in workforce models, rising costs of capital, supply chain shortages, and globalization.

In a 10-minute read, each issue of CFO Insights looks at some developments challenging today’s CFOs, explores their implications for organizational effectiveness, and offers pragmatic considerations to help CFOs identify, for example:

  • How the finance function can help resolve challenges facing the broader organization.
  • What CFOs can do to deploy finance resources to address their organizations’ strategic priorities.
  • Ways CFOs can work with other C-suite and business leaders in tackling operational constraints.
  • Steps CFOs can take to create value for shareholders and a range of other stakeholders.

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Deloitte's CFO Program

The CFO program provides CFOs with information and insights to address issues confronting the finance function and the broader enterprise. The program’s flagship events, both onsite and virtual, provide an opportunity for CFOs to make genuine connections with their peers. In these settings, CFOs are able to compare notes, share pain points, trade stories, and learn from one another. Such networking can prove to be invaluable as CFOs look to solve often complex problems—and make important decisions about their own careers. For more information visit

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