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The vision to picture it. The power to make it real.

We know you have bold, ambitious goals for your organization's future growth. A vision to optimize value from your M&A and Restructuring activities. And a commitment not just to your stockholders, but stakeholders everywhere. That's why it's important to choose an adviser with an equally bold vision. One with the experience, tools, and scale to help you move forward with confidence.

Bring your bold aspirations to Deloitte. We're the leading provider of end-to-end mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring services. Like you, our experienced professionals have a bold sense of purpose, and the skills and knowledge to challenge the status quo and make your vision a reality.

Your priorities are our priority

Whether you're looking for the next opportunity or staring down a challenge, we bring the bold to the entire M&A and Restructuring life cycle. At Deloitte, we have what it takes to advise corporate and private equity investors throughout the merger, acquisition, or restructuring process, no matter how unique or complex the transaction.

Early in a potential deal, the questions pile up quickly. Is this the right target? Does it fit our growth strategy? Are these the right terms? What does success look like, and how do we achieve it? What are the potential risks?

Do we have goals for post-deal integration, including divestitures? Will restructuring be needed to improve financial or operating performance?

Deloitte's M&A and Restructuring services can help you answer these questions and others with more certainty and less delay. We're here for you every step of the way, tackling your top issues, sweating the details, getting things done.

How we help

  • Align corporate and M&A growth strategies
  • Define strategic options for inorganic growth
  • Assess options' potential based on risk, speed, and value
  • Identify and evaluate potential targets, buyers, and partners
  • Drive robust structuring and diligence to support transaction execution
  • Assist in deal negotiation to help deliver maximum business benefit
  • Manage integration complexity and mitigate risks to achieve a seamless Day 1
  • Aid business transformation to fully realize a deal's potential value
  • Improve overall financial and operating performance

M&A Services

Where flexibility meets focus, our comprehensive, highly customized M&A services become high-impact M&A solutions.

Combined with Deloitte's deep industry knowledge, holistic approach, advanced technologies, and accelerated process, our M&A services enable you to confidently move forward with speed and agility—because we know you don't have a single moment to spare.

Our offerings include:

M&A strategy

Each merger, acquisition, joint venture, or divestiture is a journey of definition and discovery. Deloitte's M&A strategy services help you articulate transaction objectives, weigh market opportunities and risks, and evaluate the ways a deal may or may not offer the growth or capabilities the business needs.

Transaction readiness

An organization approaching an M&A transaction needs a solid baseline of self-awareness and preparation. What do you want to achieve? What are you capable of? Deloitte's transaction readiness services assist leaders and stakeholders in finding, weighing, and comparing potential targets.

Transaction diligence & execution

From preliminary due diligence and synergy/value qualification, to structuring advice and financing options, our dedicated M&A professionals apply deep knowledge and decades of experience to help you navigate complex transaction execution processes while bringing more certainty and fewer delays.

Integration strategy

When an M&A deal reaches fruition, post-close plans turn into reality—and all the details need to line up. Deloitte's integration specialists can assist with deal closing, develop and execute a Day 1 implementation plan, and address longer-term integration needs to create the future-state organization you've envisioned.

Divestiture strategy

Divesting an asset or selling an entire company comes with a long list of challenges—costs, timelines, and disruption to business as usual, to name just a few. We help clients navigate complex market and economic conditions to become prepared sellers, incorporating their divestment goals and planning for flawless execution to maximize deal value.

Restructuring Services

Deloitte's Restructuring services change, reconfigure, and reshape your organization to be better and bolder, whether your restructuring goal is to guide a distressed business through a complex reorganization or enhance operating performance to disrupt the market.


Deloitte delivers a range of restructuring and performance improvement solutions, tools, and methods that quickly identify and realize measurable improvements to bolster margin, improve cash flow, overcome setbacks, and help keep fortunes facing forward.


Deloitte's strategic, operational, and financial interventions can help unleash new capabilities, fuel growth, and pave the way for enterprise transformation and market disruption—whether you are exploring M&A possibilities, taking advantage of new market trends, or just striving to do business better than yesterday.

The Deloitte difference

We harness our broad industry knowledge, deep M&A experience, unrivaled capabilities and technologies, and extensive global network of Deloitte professionals and alliances to turn highly customized mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring strategies into high-impact solutions that power growth.

  • Our team: Every deal is different, and the path to value creation is unique. The ability to bring an industry view to an M&A and Restructuring transaction is perhaps more important now than ever before. Our end-to-end services are customized to meet the unique needs of any client, with an industry and sector emphasis to help define the right strategy, realize your goals, and identify future opportunities. Our team has the industry knowledge, depth of resources and breadth of capabilities to bring you the unique combination of skills your transaction requires.
  • Advanced technologies: We engineer advantage for our M&A clients with a fully customizable, integrated set of innovative technologies we call our Total M&A Solution™. Starting with an engineer's mindset and built on a foundation of experience across thousands of deals, these technologies deliver the power of automation, analytics, and machine learning to allow you to see, interpret, and deploy information when and where it makes a critical difference—all so you can identify risks, obligations, and opportunities earlier in the life cycle.
  • End-to-end M&A and Restructuring capabilities: We have entire teams of Deloitte professionals focused on each phase of an M&A and Restructuring lifecycle, from strategy, structuring, diligence and valuation to integration/separation/restructuring planning and execution as well as functional experience in sales and marketing, operations, human resources, finance, tax, treasury, IT, legal, and real estate.

We provide the right insights, capabilities, and support at the right time so you can anticipate what's around the corner, effectively prepare your organization for change, and boost deal effectiveness. Want to succeed in ways you've never imagined? Bring your bold aspirations to Deloitte.

Gain perspective


Let's make a deal—in gaming! Gaming M&A is growing on the back of consolidation, portfolio plays, and game tech

Video game companies are thriving, and so is the market for buying and selling them. In 2022, deal flow—the number of gaming deals—accelerated. We predict that in 2023, the number of game company mergers and acquisitions will increase by around 25%, slightly slower than the estimated 30% quarterly growth in 2022. We further predict overall deal value in 2023 will likely decline considerably, year-over-year, but only because of a few historically exceptional deals in 2022

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TMT divestitures make a comeback: 2023 deal values in tech, media, and telecom may bounce back strongly

We predict that the total value of TMT divestitures in 2023 could expand by 25-50% year-over-year to range from US$250-300 billion, well above the US$244 billion average for the period 2016-2020. The increase in total value will likely come from a rise in both deal values and volumes as the business and investment environment improves and deal volume returns to historic levels.

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Global Divestiture Survey

Despite a strong M&A market in terms of corporate divestiture volume and value, our survey shows there is still room for improvement. The good news? Successful dealmakers offer lessons on divestiture strategy. By becoming a more prepared seller, companies can improve divestiture outcomes and emerge as a more streamlined and resilient company.

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