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Helping turn purpose into potential for the Veteran, Military, Spouse & Allies (VMSA) Community

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Veterans can bring unmatched experience to society and to the workplace. We are proud to employ more than 3,000 people from the VMSA community, and we invite you to discover your impact alongside them.

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Faithful service and impactful leadership

A career in the military can prepare you for success in an ever-changing world. The invaluable skills, leadership abilities, adaptability, and unique perspectives the Veteran, Military, Spouse & Allies (VMSA) community bring with them can help Deloitte in our work to help build a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous society.

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    Veterans fuel our success

    Transitioning servicemembers and Veterans bring invaluable skills, knowledge, experience, and insights that further enrich the diversity of our teams.

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    3,000 strong and counting

    Deloitte is proud to employ more than 3,000 from the Veteran, Military, Spouse & Allies (VMSA) Community and is continually looking for talented and dedicated individuals to join us.

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    High marks from the Veteran community

    We are truly honored when a Veteran joins our team but even more honored to be ranked as a top employer for Veterans and military spouses.

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    2023 Veteran Impact Report

    The theme for the 2023 Veteran Impact Report, celebrates the skills and talents of the approximately five million Veterans who served during the conflicts of Desert Storm and post-9/11 Operations, and honors their service and the sacrifices they and their families made.

High marks from the Veteran community

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Where Veterans become business leaders

Training and continued education were constant during your time in uniform, requiring a steadfast commitment to improving yourself and those around you. It is a commitment Deloitte and each of our professionals share as we work to bring the best version of ourselves to work.

  • CORE

    Deloitte's Career Opportunity Redefinition & Exploration (CORE) Leadership Program helps enable Veterans to identify their strengths and experiences to define their personal brand, leverage career exploration and networking strategies. We also encourage Veterans to tell their own story in a way that resonates with others.

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  • ADVF

    The Advanced Degree Veterans’ Forum (ADVF) is an opportunity over three days each winter for Veteran graduate students to explore the opportunities of a consulting career. Participants get the chance to engage in person with Deloitte’s many commercial and government & public sector consulting professionals who served in the USA, USN, USMC, USAF, USSF, or USCG.

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hiring our heroes

Committed to hiring America’s heroes

Since 2016, in collaboration with Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program, we have provided transitioning service members with professional training and hands—on experience in the civilian workforce—many of whom have gone on to work full-time with Deloitte upon completion of their fellowship.

“When I was in graduate school for clinical psychology, I never envisioned myself hunkered in a bunker or eventually pursuing a career in consulting. Nevertheless, my first position post-graduation was as an active-duty brigade psychologist for the US Army Afghanistan. The military taught me the value of collaboration during stress and rallying together around a greater purpose; two aspirational qualities I hope to instill with my colleagues and teams.”

Dan Pelton, specialist leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

“As a Marine Inspector, I developed the personnel management, keen attention-to-detail, and quality record keeping leading practices to further enhance my productivity as a senior specialist. I continue to support veterans through fellowship and mentorship of other veterans outside of Deloitte, providing them with tools and resources that help optimize a smooth transition into corporate culture.”

Andrea Tice, manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

“Deloitte delivers a full appreciation of the unique experiences, talent and leadership opportunities you bring. A commitment to building the premiere, private-sector destination for post-9/11 servicemembers and spouses. And the opportunity to impact your respective service that was often impossible while in uniform.”

Juan Garcia, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and VMA leader

Programs designed to serve

As part of Deloitte's commitment to the VMSA community, we offer and particpate in a range of programs and initiatives that honor your service, give back to your community, help empower your career, and so much more.

Military Spouse Initiative

Military spouses can bring equally unique experiences to the workplace as do servicemembers and Veterans. And we are committed to providing a workplace that attracts, supports, and helps empower them. Through the Military Spouse Initiative, military spouses can lean on each other and utilize Deloitte resources to not just have a job, but a pathway that can lead to success.

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Talent Network

When you join our Talent Network, you’re connecting to career resources that provide insights into working at Deloitte and potential job opportunities.

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Disability Inclusion

Military service in post 9/11 America came at great risk. Many brave men and women came home with injuries, seen and unseen. Deloitte is proud to rank as a top employer for people with disabilities. Disabled Veterans are welcome to seek assistance with their application to Deloitte.

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Puppy with a Purpose

Deloitte proudly sponsors Kevin, our Corporate Puppy with a Purpose with America’s VetDogs. Kevin is a male Black Labrador currently training to become a service dog. Ultimately, he will support a Veteran or first responder to live a more independent and mobile life.

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