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CORE Leadership Program

In 2013, as part of the White House Joining Forces Initiative, Deloitte made a public commitment to double its U.S. Veteran hiring. Then, invited by the White House to do even more, Deloitte decided to tackle the broader national employment and retention challenges – and created the Career Opportunity Redefinition Exploration (CORE) Programs.

Past CORE Leadership Program Participant Feedback

Fellow Veterans... I highly recommend anything sponsored by Deloitte. Their transition assistance program for Vets is the gold standard.

This program gave me a direction I never thought that it would... I thought of post-military success in terms of whether I could take a better salary than I had as an army captain. But then I focused on what was most important to me in that CORE excercise: Purpose. I turned down two six-figure salaries for an eventual pay cut in a job with the U.S. Senate, where each day I get to influence things I believe are most important to me and our nation.

The Deloitte CORE Leadership Program is the single best professional development course I've ever attended... The instructors, coaches, and staff are all incredible with a huge heart for the military and Veteran communities.

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Deloitte’s commitment to Veterans and inclusion

At Deloitte, we foster an inclusive culture where all leaders thrive, and we’re proud to support armed forced members and Veterans and their families. So when President Obama challenged American businesses to lead the charge in getting 100,000 unemployed Veterans and their spouses hired and trained by the end of this year, former CEO Joe Echevarria pledged that Deloitte would lead from the front and embrace Veterans. To support the White House’s Joining Forces initiative, we committed to set a goal of doubling our Veteran hiring numbers over the next three years.

To help facilitate the transition for armed forces members and Veterans from military service to workforce re-entry, Deloitte is hosting the CORE Leadership Program and increasing the number of Deloitte Day Open Houses for Veterans. Deloitte will continue to support our Veterans and armed forces members in a variety of other ways as well, which includes sponsoring events and programs such as the Warrior Games.

Deloitte strives to be the professional services organization where the brightest and most talented leaders want to be. The backgrounds and experiences of our people are as diverse as our business offerings, and we rely on the rich, varied experiences of our people to help shape the quality of service to our clients. Transitioning armed forces members and Veterans bring invaluable skills, knowledge, experience, and insights that further enrich the diversity of our teams.

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