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Everyone gets a start somewhere, and an internship can be one way to launch a successful career. 

Why Deloitte?

We offer students a variety of opportunities to get to know Deloitte. We look for students who will become tomorrow’s business leaders and contribute to our collective purpose.

Discovery Internship

The Discovery Internship is designed to expose freshman and sophomore summer interns different client service businesses at Deloitte. This opportunity will help you grow your skills, empower your curiosity, celebrate your versatility, and discover your impact. 

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I think one of the most important things I look for in an opportunity to make a tangible difference. I do not just want to be a cog in a giant machine. I want to be able to see how I am helping my team perform the best it can...There is no better feeling than after the project ends when you know that you and the people around you were responsible for making a difference.                                    

                                                                           —Edmond Lee, former Discovery Intern

Internal Services Internship

Open to sophomores and juniors, this internship is within one of the Internal Services such as Finance, Marketing, Technology, or various other groups that support Deloitte's businesses. Beyond exposure to “real life” projects, the program also delivers a variety of national and local learning and networking events.  Find out what a career with Deloitte is like and have the opportunity to build a professional network. 

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From the variety of projects to the abundance of learning and development opportunities, interning with our Internal Services teams prepared me for a dynamic career at Deloitte. I still leverage the skills and connections I made that summer more than five years later! 

                                                              —Nicole Pippert, former Internal Services Intern

Client Service Internship

Deloitte's Client Service Internship is typically for undergraduate juniors and advanced degree students, and provides an opportunity to experience what it’s like to work in professional services and take on roles similar to those of a full-time hire. Throughout the course of the internship, interns are assigned to one or more client projects where they are responsible for a particular part of a client deliverable(s). Through interactions with the project team, interns will receive mentorship and support to help their success on the engagement.

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Be willing to say yes. Let your natural curiosity run free and learn as much as you can. That’s when I realized that my career journey is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s not just about a two-month internship; it’s about what I can do now and who I can become and how I can help serve my clients, my colleagues, and our community.

                                                                —Alan Hernandez, former Client Service Intern

Getting started

An internship is an exciting opportunity to learn more about the world of work, an industry, and your chosen area of study.

Check out some top tips for helping to achieve success during your internship. 

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