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At Deloitte, our people are our greatest asset and we want them to be successful in their professional and personal lives. That’s why we support our people at every milestone of their life journey.

Well-being needs are different for everyone. Deloitte is committed to supporting the diverse well-being needs of its people in body, mind, and purpose.

Meet Jen Fisher

Deloitte’s chief well-being officer believes in the importance of taking a holistic and inclusive approach to well-being. Read and hear her latest insights on fostering a culture of well-being at Deloitte and some tips and tricks to embed well-being into your day:

Jen Fisher

Benefits and programs

Deloitte is committed to providing support and assistance throughout the major milestones of your life. Whether you are starting a family or pursuing a passion we provide benefits to address your unique career and life needs no matter where you are on your well-being journey. Deloitte provides multiple program offerings to our eligible professionals to support their well-being needs, including Paid time off and holidays, Well-being subsidy, Life and family programs, and more.

Family leave

Deloitte’s expanded family leave program provides our eligible professionals with the time and support needed to care for their family. The family leave program provides up to 16 weeks of paid time off to bond with a child as a result of birth or placement for adoption and/or to care for a spouse/domestic partner, parent, child, and/or sibling with a serious health condition. Deloitte announces 16 weeks of fully paid family leave time for caregiving and how Deloitte is caring for its caregivers.

Well-being at Deloitte University

Both within and outside the four walls of DFit, Deloitte University reaches guests with well-being offerings that integrate seamlessly into their Deloitte University experience. Inventive physical and mental well-being offerings, in the form of well-being moments and energy breaks, are incorporated into program agendas, resulting in participants that are energized, refocused, refreshed, and poised for optimal productivity. Growing the world's best leaders.


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