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Help organizations embrace complexity to accelerate performance, disrupt through innovation, and lead in their industries. 

In Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory, we help top-tier enterprises and government agencies lead in a global marketplace, navigate risks and opportunities, and disrupt the status quo. We encourage clients to embrace complexity and help them to accelerate performance. With profound changes underway in culture, technology, business models, and regulatory frameworks, we work with our clients as they become catalysts for change. And as the world evolves, so does our work. Year after year, our dynamic teams influence commerce, society, and the future.

What we do

Working in Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory has the power to redefine your ambitions. We offer the training and support, along with demanding projects to help you master your profession and shake up the status quo. We make an impact that is tangible. We operate in a supercollider of change and risk—technological, market, regulatory, finance, and more—which keeps our work both fresh and challenging.

But perhaps as much as anything, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory can influence ambitions because the scale and breadth of what we do is big. We not only have a private sector practice serving more than 20 different industries, we also maintain one of the most highly regarded public sector practices. In other words, to say you’re in Deloitte Risk & Financial  Advisory could mean any of a number of professions, any number of different paths. Here’s a quick look at our work by market offering:

  • Internal Audit & Assurance:  Helping our clients’ own internal auditing and helping increase and risk-proof the transparency, relevance, and value of information our clients disclose to the market about their businesses and technology performances. 
  • Cyber Risk: Boosting client security and resilience to anticipate and deter cyber threats. Giving clients an understanding of how their systems can be penetrated, so they can improve security and monitoring. Implementing strategies to help clients reduce damage and rebound from attacks quickly.
  • Financial Risk, Transactions & Restructuring: Working to inform financial and structural decisions and deliver insight to help clients gain traction and perform in times of transformation, disruption, or financial crisis. Think: strategic shifts, bankruptcies, or M&A.
  • Forensic: Drawing on disparate data for hidden patterns that can suggest threats like fraud, bribery, and corruption. Assisting in litigation such as purchase price disputes and providing expert witness when cases go to court.
  • Strategic & Reputation Risk Management: Helping clients through services that enable senior executives to assess, manage, and respond to real and potential risks that could undermine their competitive positions and jeopardize critical assets, including their brand and reputation. 
  • Regulatory & Operational Risk: Advising clients on how to better manage risks associated with operations, business relationships, volatility, and corporate actions. Using proprietary tools and frameworks to help clients identify weaknesses and create value by building compliant, resilient enterprises.   

Our impact as a place to work

What we do for our clients, we strive to do for our own people: make an impact that matters. We are regularly recognized as a top employer across a range of categories, including inclusion, well-being, innovation, leadership, and places to start your career. 

Opportunities for students

It’s your career, your life, and your choice. Deloitte can give you the opportunity to work with some of the best and explore what works for you through a variety of experiences. Our summer internships commonly last eight to 10 weeks.  Beyond internships, our training opportunities, conferences and entrepreneurial culture can help spawn the analytical, communication, and leadership skills that could help you achieve your full potential. Start here, even before you graduate, and explore how far you can go. Read more about our opportunities available in Risk and Financial Advisory.

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Opportunities for experienced professionals

If it creates risk or opportunity in the business world or government, chances are we have careers that tackle it. That puts our teams on the frontlines of change, complexity, and technology. It also shapes how we see the world and think about the organizations we serve. Here’s some deeper information on our philosophy, how we’re transforming our clients’ approach to risk through technology, and Deloitte’s commitment to innovation.

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Meet our people

First-year Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory professionals are placed in one of our six market offerings based on background, interests, and Deloitte’s talent needs. They often enter as a consultant, analyst, or associate and report to a senior consultant or manager who leads project and account teams. As they progress through their careers, professionals are exposed to a wide range of services, teams, and industries, which can help them identify work that truly inspires and energizes them. Moves within Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory—to try new industries or even to focus on a new market offering—are common. In other words, our professionals have plenty of chances to continually redefine their own ambitions. 

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Explore your fit

Think a career in Risk & Financial Advisory might be right for you? Explore your fit and find out. 

Explore Your Fit is designed to help you evaluate and explore areas and opportunities within Deloitte that may be a good fit based on your background and interests. After you complete the short online experience you’ll receive a custom guide that that we believe you’ll find useful as you explore opportunities at Deloitte.

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