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Deliver the insights that help business leaders make confident decisions around strategic areas that tax impacts. 

The role of a tax advisor today isn’t about simply filling out forms for April 15 or memorizing code sections. It’s about seizing opportunities to confidently help the leaders of large, complex businesses understand how tax may influence important decisions, and vice versa.

A career at Deloitte Tax

Tax isn’t one thing—it’s many. And that adds up to plenty of choices when it comes to your career. Are you ready to redefine what’s possible?

What we do

We meet with business leaders. We build close client service relationships. We understand client goals. And we advise clients on how tax may influence their ability to achieve those goals. We know tax inside and out and also often become deeply specialized in a strategic area of business or a specific industry. That said, tax isn’t one thing; it’s many. And that adds up to plenty of choices when it comes to your career. Tax professionals start in one of the following areas.

  • Business Tax Services: Serves businesses broadly. Often works with large privately held companies. Becomes a close advisor in a multitude of business situations. May specialize in a certain industry over time. Must have? Business acumen.
  • International Tax: Serves businesses that operate across international borders. May specialize in a tax-related business issue—strategy, compliance, tax law, expansion, business model optimization, and more. Often focuses on a certain industry or region over time. Must provide? Accurate interpretation.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Focuses on one of the most far-reaching decisions a business leader can make—to buy, sell, or merge. Heavily influential in if and how transactions are finalized. Includes extensive due diligence work, planning for possible tax implications, post-transaction tax issues, and more. Must do? Communicate implications clearly.
  • Private Wealth: Focuses on the specialized needs of the ultra-affluent, including families with multigenerational wealth, entrepreneurs, and closely held business owners. Touches upon financial planning, estate and trust planning, major gifts, private foundations, and more. Must do? Build trust.
  • Multistate Tax Services: Serves companies dealing with complex regulatory issues arising from operating across state borders. Issues range from core business strategy to maximizing credits and incentives to restructuring services. May specialize by industry over time. Must have? Deep regulatory knowledge.
  • Tax Management Consulting: Sits at the nexus of tax and innovation, working to help companies transform their processes, technologies, and controls. Advises on complex issues like global co-sourcing. And looks for ways that clients can be more efficient while remaining compliant. Must do? Rethink the norm.
  • Transfer Pricing: Serves multinational organizations that conduct business within their own enterprises, buying services or goods from one business unit to be used by another. Helps companies understand the complexities and risks of transfer pricing by creating and developing sound approaches to address both. Must deliver? Critical thinking.
  • Global Employer Services: Globalization creates complexity, not only for businesses, but for the people they employ. GES professionals work on tax filings and implications across the international HR spectrum—compensation, technology, mobile workforces, and more. Must do? Unravel complexity. 
  • Global Investment & Innovation Incentives: Serves companies where R&D is fueled by tax incentives—be it in renewable energy, life sciences, or manufacturing. Works with clients to help them increase funding to create new drugs, invent new processes, invest in technology, and more. Must have? Cross-specialization in tax and the given R&D area.

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How we do it differently

Where others see regulations and obligations, we look again and see opportunity. We’ve pioneered innovative, integrated approaches to tax that line up with our clients’ goals. What the first computerized spreadsheets did for tax in their time, robotic process automation and analytics are doing now: creating greater efficiency and accuracy. We’re holding transformation labs that help business leaders spur change in their own tax groups. All of this translates into advisors spending more time on strategy and consulting around impactful business decisions. 


Our impact as a place to work

What we do for our clients, we strive to do for our own people: make an impact that matters. We are regularly recognized as a top employer across a range of categories, including inclusion, well-being, innovation, leadership, and places to start your career. To learn more, check out our latest accolades.

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Opportunities for students

It’s your career, your life, and your choice. Deloitte can give you the opportunity to work with some of the best and explore what works for you through a variety of experiences. Our summer internships commonly last eight to 10 weeks.  Beyond internships, our training opportunities, conferences and entrepreneurial culture can help spawn the analytical, communication, and leadership skills that could help you achieve your full potential. Start here, even before you graduate, and explore how far you can go. Read more about our opportunities available in Tax.

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Opportunities for experienced professionals

Technology not only shapes what we do in tax, it transforms how we do it. Our tax professionals leverage robotic process automation, machine learning, data visualization, proprietary algorithms, and more to become faster and more efficient at drawing insight from data. The upshot? We spend less time crunching numbers and more time helping clients understand why those numbers matter. We attract well-rounded people from diverse fields who understand the policies and theories behind tax, not just the codes and rules. With that in mind, you might want to read more about how Deloitte is transforming tax and tax careers.

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Meet our people

First-year Tax professionals enter Deloitte as consultants and report to managers who lead teams of up to 10 consultants. As they progress through their careers, consultants often see greater specialization in either a niche area of tax or a given industry. And naturally, senior people tend to have the most direct contact with client leadership. 

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