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Tax Technology Consulting

Engineer a digital tax function

Envision a world where tax has an ecosystem of digital tax solutions that scale to meet ever-changing tax policies and tax reform. A global shift toward digital transformation and cloud applications is presenting opportunities for tax to harness the benefits of enterprise transformation and contribute business value. Deloitte’s Tax Technology Consulting team sees beyond the scope of tax technology implementation. We treat tax transformation as an integral, tightly woven thread in the digital-driven evolution of business operations and strategy.

Putting the possible into practice

Deloitte Tax Technology Consulting helps organizations design and manage their Tax Function and operating model through a tax technology ecosystem that aligns to their enterprise vision. Led by professionals with deep business, tax and technology knowledge, we help organizations develop and execute a tax technology roadmap that can adapt to business changes, tax legislation, and real-time tax reporting obligations. We support tax teams to identify, design, implement, and maintain systems with the power to transform processes, governance, and risk assessment—bringing accuracy, transparency, and control to your tax function. Whether you need to evaluate tax policy and strategy, integrate systems, improve internal processes and controls, or implement third-party or proprietary software, our tax technology professionals have the skills and experience to help at any stage of your digital transformation.

Tax Technology Consulting: Engineer a digital tax function

We see the big picture

Deloitte’s 360-degree view of digital transformation across organizations sets us apart. Our breadth of capabilities gives us the ability to connect dots in the complex tax technology architecture.

While others bet on the future, we build it

We combine world-class business knowledge with a full command of technology—a unique blend of experience we call the Deloitte advantage. We work with you to design exactly what your future should be, then help you get there.

The breadth of the Deloitte network is at your service

Our tax technology consulting services are provided by a cross-functional team whose efforts are guided by not only tax professionals but also experienced leaders in many other disciplines who might benefit your transformation.

Deep tax and technology experience, delivering meaningful value

Our teams are comprised of professionals with deep experience in every aspect of tax and tax technology, so we can deliver a customized strategy and execution that addresses your most in-depth and complex tax-specific needs.



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Jennifer Deutsch

Jennifer Deutsch

Partner | Deloitte Tax LLP

Jen has more than 20 years experience working with tax executives and their teams to address their need for sustained performance within their functions and contribute to their company’s marketplace o... More

Stephane Lunan

Stephane Lunan

Partner | Deloitte Tax LLP

Stephane is a partner in Tax Technology Consulting (TTC) with more than 20 years of global tax and technology experience. She leads our global OCEO and crown Jewel clients through their tax transforma... More

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