Generative AI for tax—Turn possibility into opportunity.

As generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) transforms the broader business landscape, it has the potential to completely revolutionize the tax function. With the ability to turn limitless data into actionable insights, GenAI can pave the way for a company’s tax department to yield fresh thinking and drive business strategy.

At the same time, only people can give GenAI purpose and enable trust in its output. That’s why, at Deloitte, we envision a new kind of “collaborative intelligence” between AI and humans. It’s about intelligent work with a clear vision and having teams ready to help turn possibility into progress. Today, we’re working side by side with tax leaders to imagine new ways of working, build enduring value, and execute their vision—now and in the future.

What does GenAI mean for Tax AI?

The GenAI revolution brings boundless potential to shape the future of tax. Deloitte is helping empower our clients to leverage GenAI so they can spend less time in the weeds and more time thinking about the big picture. From automating data wrangling to enhancing the accuracy and compliance of tax operations to data to analyze potential future tax scenarios, we’re deploying GenAI to reduce manual tasks and elevate accuracy so tax leaders can take a bigger role in guiding strategy within their organizations.

Explore how Deloitte is harnessing GenAI

From cutting-edge tax solutions like Intela to exploring the implications of Gen AI in the legal space, Deloitte is exploring all the ways these breakthrough technologies can help us all step into the future.

Intela by Deloitte

<p>By combining AI and cloud computing technologies, Intela can help unite information, processes, teams, and automate workflows while also providing customized-for-you views of Deloitte knowledge on tax developments and industry trends.</p>