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Intela. Because your job is taxing enough.

Tax teams today face increasingly complex tax requirements, leaner teams, and growing expectations from the C-suite. Deloitte’s tax services, powered by Intela, our leading-edge global platform, can help. With Intela, your tax professionals can focus less on busy work—and more on uncovering new insights and driving strategic value.

Learn how Intela’s cutting-edge technology, combined with our deep knowledge of tax, delivers more of what you’re looking for.

What can Intela-powered services do for you?

Intela provides a smarter way to collect and analyze data. Data collection is a notorious pain point for tax departments. No need to spend countless hours retrieving data from multiple sources. Intela provides a range of data collection options, from interactive information requests to automated and repeatable data extractions using leading-edge technologies. This reduces time spent gathering data and efficiently enables team members to quickly begin work. You can be confident that the data is accurate and in the right place and format—giving you the predictability you need.
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With Intela, collaboration improves—exponentially. Intela helps your team and ours collaborate in real time, addressing questions quickly and sharing information in a transparent way. Intela’s work plan allows you to track work together so teams can be proactive, keeping minor issues from becoming major fire drills.
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You need real-time business insights. And now you have them. Smart and efficient tax compliance and planning can drive real strategic value for your organization. With Intela, your team can spend less time reviewing details and more time focused on the activities most important to your organization. Intela delivers data-based insights and tailored thought leadership to help you uncover new opportunities to provide strategic value to your business.
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You get a single, consolidated view of every project, globally. You hire one firm for several services, expecting a single, holistic view of all of your projects. Intela delivers. Where appropriate, information can be shared across teams to deliver a consistent experience globally. Intela also streamlines appropriate collaboration between teams and makes data analysis, knowledge-sharing, and communication more efficient.
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Let’s discuss your tax team’s challenges and how Deloitte’s Intela-enabled services can help you take the next step.


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