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Rethink, reimagine, renew.

Do you see market uncertainty and competitive shifts as a chance to reshape your organization? To think bigger and bolder? To deliver more for your people and community as well as your shareholders? So do we. Whether your goal is to reorganize a distressed business or disrupt the market, our Restructuring and Performance Improvement Services help you imagine what's possible, then make it real.

Backed by deep industry insights, the latest forensic technologies, and cutting-edge analytics, we help you accelerate complex decision-making. Our performance improvement, transformation, capital, and liquidity capabilities can help you free up the capital you need to move fast, thrive, and make change happen.

View restructuring through a wider lens

Deloitte's Restructuring and Performance Improvement Services team, supported by our access to a global network of consulting, tax, audit, and financial advisory professionals, works closely with clients to quickly understand and help them address both disrupt and distress opportunities. We help clients safeguard value, orchestrate actions, elevate outcomes, and transform vulnerability into bold confidence.

From performance improvement to capital and liquidity, our Restructuring and Performance Improvement Services can help you reshape your company's scope and achieve greater profitability and competitive advantage, regardless of where you are on the transformation and restructuring journey.


Improvement doesn't have to wait for a cue from crisis. Performance improvement and operating efficiency are always welcome developments, and Deloitte's tools, methods, and experience can help you drive them.

Carried out on an organization's own timetable, our strategic, operational, and financial interventions can help you unleash new capabilities, fuel growth, and pave the way for your organization to transform and disrupt the market.

We provide the following services:


When an organization confronts unwelcome pressures, it needs to quickly identify and realize improvements in ways that are measurable. Rapid cost take-out, stranded cost elimination, synergy identification, and operating model shifts can all be part of the recipe to bolster margin, improve cash flow, overcome setbacks, and stabilize the situation. Deloitte provides a range of restructuring and performance improvement solutions that can help keep fortunes facing forward.

We provide the following services:

Like you, we don't see endings, we see beginnings

opportunities to change, reconfigure, and reshape your organization for the future. And we never forget, it's not just about the numbers. It's about the people—about making your business better and bolder in order to create opportunities to thrive.

The Deloitte difference

We believe that restructuring deals are more than just a way to execute a disruptive business strategy, increase efficiencies, and streamline operations. They're also a chance to create game-changing moments in the success, innovation, and longevity of your business.

We understand that restructuring is not just about the deal. It's about all the people impacted by the process. Our teams orchestrate across management, the board, employees, customers, partners, and shareholders to help you mitigate risk, overcome challenges, and improve results.

We combine deep industry knowledge with an innovative mindset to help you accelerate the restructuring process. In addition, our cognitive enablers and accelerators, including the ConsultHub and MarginPlus platforms, bring the power of automation, analytics, and machine learning to restructuring and performance improvement. All to help you deliver your commitments as part of your transformation journey.

Client success in action

Faster, more agile, in shape for future growth

Achieved breakthrough performance by transforming the operating model and enabling more centralized, strategic control for sustainable cost improvement resulting in more than $200 million saved.

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Simplifying a diverse business

Bringing a diverse business back to a singular market focus and purpose can be in the best interests of the business and an attractive choice in turbulent times.

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Accounting for Change

Resetting a fresh balance sheet after bankruptcy - Learn how Deloitte helped one company emerge from bankruptcy.

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Adam Reilly

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Restructuring
Services Leader
Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP +1 415 783 5797
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Faisal Shaikh

Restructuring Services Leader
Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP +1 484 885 4699
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Raed Masoud

Restructuring Consulting Services Leader
Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP +1 312 259 6752
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Ryan Maupin

Restructuring Risk and Financial Advisory Services Leader
Managing Director, Deloitte Transactions & Business Analytics LLP +1 973 602 6379
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Elias Tzavelis

Restructuring Tax Services Leader
Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP +1 212 436 7815

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