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Every M&A deal is different, and the path to value creation is unique. Our M&A Hot Takes series taps experienced M&A dealmakers for insights into how they have achieved time-tested, successful deal-making track records and explores the latest trends in deal activity.

M&A in retail: Leveraging retail M&A for growth

Current macroeconomic trends are creating an environment prime for M&A in retail as an accelerated path to transformation, as well as opportunities for retailers to shift from “survive” to “thrive.” To emerge as a leader, retailers must evaluate how M&A strategy to margin improvement fits into their value proposition and long-term strategic goals—and take action.

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Convergence: An Elixir for Health Care

The convergence trend—by which companies outside of each others’ industries merge with and acquire each other—is well advanced across all sectors. But one thing is clear about the health care industry: it has some catching up to do.

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Financial Services: Everyone Wants a Piece of the Action

Perhaps no indication of disruption in financial services is as stark as the physical manifestation seen in bank branches. These lofty, prestige spaces—located in local communities but also in high-rent central business districts—are struggling to justify a reason to exist. Some hope to attract foot traffic by offering coffee and other non-financial delights.

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Convergence in the Digital Age

The business mega-trend of the last 30 years, and likely the next 30 years, is the steady encroachment of software into every human endeavor. The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated this trend, with in-person services abruptly eclipsed by digital competitors. Indeed, the view of software as residing squarely in the technology industry is rapidly becoming antiquated. No surprise, then, that the rise of software is manifesting itself in the mergers and acquisitions market. Many call it “convergence.”

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A New Mandate for M&A: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

M&A deals are often the confluence of your business’ most strategic priorities and influential leaders. Thus, an M&A transaction presents multiple opportunities to rout out existing systemic inequities and infuse (or even implement) leading DEI practices within your organization’s existing programs and people management strategies.

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Driving successful deals: The critical roles of five M&A stakeholders

Regardless of a company’s size or M&A experience, having the right people and teams in place is key to achieving M&A value-creation targets. While no two deals are alike and there is no single, overarching recipe for meeting M&A goals, successful acquirers cite five key stakeholder roles that significantly influence the odds of a successful transaction. Learn more about these roles and how to approach M&A to meet your team’s specific strengths and needs.

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M&A technology to turbocharge your transactions

Whether you’re looking to integrate or divest a business, it’s beneficial to understand the nitty-gritty details of all corporate contracts to prepare and make sure there are no hidden surprises. How can artificial intelligence help you take out the tedious process of sifting through hundreds of contract terms? Learn more about the efficiencies AI technology can bring to M&A.

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