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Fortune favors the bold.
And the extremely well prepared.

Mergers and acquisitions are more than just
a chance to execute a disruptive business strategy. They’re game-changing moments with opportunities to blaze a bold new trail and create a positive impact, both in business and on society.

To unleash the full potential of these moments, you have to bring everything you’ve got. Not just courage, but nerve. Not just a plan, but a vision. Not just passion, but compassion.

Above all else, you’ve got to have the right adviser by your side: Deloitte. Like you, we have a bold purpose, values, and outlook. You can trust our experienced professionals, supported by advanced technology solutions and our global network of consulting, tax, audit, and financial advisory professionals to help you see more, fear less, and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

M&A opportunity? Restructuring challenge? We’re here for you.

Deloitte’s M&A professionals have the insight and experience to drive value for corporate and private equity investors across borders and all phases of the M&A life cycle—from strategy, targeting, and due diligence through execution and integration or divestiture. We can help shape a bold vision for your deal and identify opportunities others may miss.

Our teams orchestrate across the board, management, customers, and shareholders to mitigate risk, overcome challenges, and improve results. In addition, we can help you add capabilities, talent, and scale; rationalize portfolios to focus on areas of competitive advantage; capture new customers and markets; and deliver on your growth and profitability ambitions to succeed in the years to come.

M&A strategy

An M&A strategy can be defensive (building resilience) or offensive (accelerating business model transformation, unlocking value from the ecosystem, changing the game). Deloitte professionals can help you define an M&A strategy that considers both your corporate objectives and the changing industry landscape to identify opportunities and targets for growth.

For acquisitions, we formalize the target pursuit process by identifying the characteristics of a model target, as well as the drivers and synergies that indicate whether each one has a place on the short list. For divestitures, we review portfolios and assess performance, weigh restructuring versus sale options, and define deal parameters.

Our M&A strategy services include:

Transaction readiness

Where you’re going depends greatly on where you begin. Before you can know whether a target fits your M&A strategy, you need to know whether your M&A strategy aligns with your company’s long-term vision.

What are the pathways to growth in a potential M&A pursuit? How can your organization identify them more accurately and reach them more quickly?

Deloitte professionals assist leaders and stakeholders in finding, weighing, and comparing potential targets.

We offer:

Transaction diligence and execution

Deloitte's people, processes, and technologies can support efficient and effective transaction due diligence across financial, operational, and commercial dimensions so you can focus on the big picture.

During the preliminary due diligence phase, we identify and critically examine a deal’s potential financial, operational, and commercial risks and value drivers. For acquisitions, we assist in identifying a comprehensive list of cost and growth synergy opportunities during the synergy and value qualification phase, which are foundational to planning efforts and achieving post-deal-close synergy goals. For divestitures, we support sellers in understanding deal risks to preserve transaction value, identify value-creation opportunities, and explore potential non-complementary synergies with the remaining organization.

Services include:

Integration strategy

From tangible functional concerns like cybersecurity to intangibles like corporate culture, getting everything and everyone ready for Day 1 implementation involves myriad workstreams and milestones. Effectively executing these interrelated elements has lasting implications for long-term, post-deal synergies and performance goals.

Deloitte professionals can help you take control with real-time progress dashboards that facilitate cross-functional collaboration during and after the transaction close period. Together, we can map, track, and manage the processes that are critical to synergy capture, full value realization, and long- term growth.

We provide:

Divestiture strategy

Divesting an asset or selling an entire company comes with a long list of challenges—costs, timelines, and disruption to business as usual, to name just a few.

Drawing from our experience with 2,500+ such deals, we help clients navigate complex market and economic conditions to become prepared sellers, incorporating their divestment goals and planning for flawless execution to maximize deal value.

We provide:

The Deloitte difference

From strategy and due diligence and transaction execution to post-deal integration or divestiture, we do whatever it takes to help you achieve sustainable growth and competitive advantage. Because we know that for you, it's not just another deal. It's a chance to leave a legacy.

We combine deep industry knowledge with an accelerated process grounded in honesty, transparency, and an innovative mindset. Our cognitive enablers and accelerators bring the power of automation, analytics, and machine learning to M&A transactions. All so you can anticipate what's around the next curve and effectively prepare your organization for change.

If that sounds bold, good. Because in our 100+ years of experience we've learned that's what it takes to get things done.

Client success in action

A search for harmony

When making the operating model adjustments needed to keep a business growing, balance is key

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M&A done right
Enabling strategic transformation

A global semiconductor company wanted to complete an acquisition despite high deal complexity and a pandemic. We helped make it happen.

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Making the business of mobility easier

After a global transportation client tripled its workforce, Deloitte helped it navigate the transition of new future employees, and the disparate policies and programs that came with them, by creating an ecosystem of services that streamlined its new tax, compliance, and rewards issues.

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Gain perspective


How embracing AI in M&A can drive exponential value

As organizations build toward their brightest future, AI in M&A is a vital component. So is acting early. GenAI’s impact on processes throughout the deal life cycle and the growing use of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures to improve AI capabilities are among the key trends taking shape. Let’s explore all that we’re seeing in the market and how leaders can seize first-mover advantage.

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Accelerate your divestiture with our readiness tool

Every divestiture transaction is a unique journey. Our Divestiture Readiness SelfAssess™ tool is here to help you navigate yours. Without planning, the divestiture process can be chaotic and challenging. Learn how our solution can help identify the steps that can better prepare your company for a transaction.

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The increasingly vital role of ESG in M&A

Across the deal life cycle, better data, improved measurement, and a deeper understanding of ESG are key factors shaping dealmaking for M&A leaders. The results of our 2024 ESG in M&A trends survey show a bold embrace of the role of ESG in M&A strategies that seize opportunity and create additional value.

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