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Organization Strategy & Design

Services to optimize your organization's structure and decision making

As employers work to refine their business strategies, many are stepping up their focus on organizational performance. Deloitte can help you improve your performance by creating an adaptable, mission-driven organization structure that aligns your workforce with your strategy and positions you to thrive today and in the future.

Shift from a siloed to an adaptable organization

Prepare for the future of work by moving away from decades-old management systems and structures and optimize performance by becoming more flexible, collaborative and customer-focused.

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To help our clients bring together these needs, Deloitte has developed the organization strategies method which addresses several critical subject areas, such as:

  • Organization Assessment (including Organizational Network Analysis, powered by AONA): Conducting an organization assessment allows organizations to pinpoint where current-state challenges may lie and sets the foundation for a successful design effort by aligning key leaders and teams around the issues they are trying to solve. Assessment of such things as spans and layers, supervisory burden, decision processes, role design, and organization network analysis provides deep insights into the formal and informal, effective and ineffective ways of working within an organization. Key findings on efficiency opportunities and recommendations on best places to build in agility and network-based teams are standard outputs of this assessment.
  • Organization and Role Design: We treat organization design as a true design activity, linking business needs and value creation to the structure and behaviors that are needed to reach desired outcomes. Through detailed design, we can determine what structure will enable the business strategy to come to life. We bring functional insights, industry insights, and benchmarks, underpinned by guiding principles and testable design criteria, to establish future structure options that position employees where they can deliver the most impact. Using job design to clearly define role profiles and interaction models provides clarity to employees and helps move organization structures from paper to practice. We design for agility so that the structure and roles are nimble enough to adapt to the ever-changing ecosystem where organizations exist today.
  • Decision Rights and Governance: Organization structure includes formal lines of authority, but companies have informal patterns of authority that matter just as much in day-to-day ways of working. Our interactive RACI process (who’s responsible? accountable? consulted? informed?) helps determine the answers to the decisions that matter most, and our governance approach helps organize decisions rights for governing bodies that must make the most complex, cross-functional decisions in an integrated fashion. By focusing on a robust decision-making design, organizations can create a sustainable structure for making and coordinating decisions across different areas of an organization.


Take a deeper dive

Deloitte’s leading thinkers provide insights on a range of organization strategy issues—from strategic workforce planning processes to organization design and structure.

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Aparupa Bhattacharya

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Maya Bodan

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Cindy Skirvin

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