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Strategic Change Management Services

Putting humans at the center of change

Organizational change is human change. Deloitte’s data-driven approach to change management tailors support to your people’s needs and optimizes change resources. We apply the latest in behavioral science to drive workplace behaviors, facilitate digital adoption, and accelerate change, creating a more “upskilled,” agile, and resilient workforce.

Data-driven change management using Transformation IntelligenceTM

The new frontier in change management is using data and behavioral science. See how Transformation IntelligenceTM can help humans use technology to make their working lives better while making organizations and their change journeys more human.

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The human element is key to achieving transformational organizational change

Organizations embark on a transformation to solve critical challenges. The success of that journey depends not only on the organization’s vision, strategic objectives, and aptitude for change, but also on distinctly human factors that must be in place to change behaviors, work practices, and workplace culture:

  • Are your leaders and stakeholders aligned on the reasons for the change and engaged in making it happen?
  • Does your workforce have the capabilities to support the transformation you’re seeking? If not, how will you build those capabilities?
  • Does your culture align individuals’ beliefs with your organization’s values, and support and drive the right behaviors?

Paying attention to these human elements, along with broader organizational and analytical factors, drives transformation success and the value that comes with it.

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Transformation Intelligence™: The smart way to drive change

Find your path to value

Every transformation is human at its core, but not every transformation journey has the same destination. Your change priorities should align with your particular ambitions.

Deloitte’s Strategic Change Management Services help you focus on executing the right activities for your transformation ambitions. Using our Transformation Intelligence™ framework, we help you articulate what you are seeking from your organizational change, understand your aptitude for change, and create a customized change program, including interventions backed by our multimedia design capabilities to create leading-edge, engaging experiences.

Where should you focus?

A change management program involves several components, including workforce, talent, culture, and analytics. Our Transformation Intelligence™ framework brings clarity, helping you prioritize your efforts to align with and support your vision and strategic objectives.

Right-size change through four intelligent stages

Our Transformation Intelligence™ framework includes four stages that right-size a change approach based on your needs and your definition of success. You can accelerate delivery of your change program while providing enterprise-wide visibility and developing internal change capabilities.


Diagnose change ambition and change propensity to identify change priorities, and assess the strengths and gaps in individual leadership capabilities critical to driving change.


Use the power of IntelligentSensing to design a data-driven change strategy rooted in leading practices to maximize adoption and reduce change risk. 


Activate a right-sized change program, including targeted communications and training activities, using ChangeScout to manage data, automate deliverables, and surface powerful insights. 


Measure and analyze critical adoption metrics, using insights to drive targeted ongoing change activities to achieve adoption and realize value.

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